Where is the Butterfly?

Where is the Butterfly?” is the English version of a French book made by Marcellus French Honor Society students. This video helps teach the prepositions in English.  In this version, our youngest honorary club member helped with the English. She is in Kindergarten and is 5 years old.

The French Honor Society members researched Haiti and illustrated the book based on their findings. The butterfly is native to Haiti and therefore this project is also known as “Le papillon d’Haïti” or “The Haitian Butterfly.” The Honor Society fundraised enough money to print, bind and ship 40 books to a haitian school in Tibeau.

View the French versions of this video with the voices of club members here (with music, thanks to Sylvia Duckworth) and here (without music). The PTL club will be creating a Spanish version and will be adding original music to all versions very soon! We have a club member that plays the mandolin!

Click here to download this video and other English resources by the Peace Through Language Club. Click here to download the French version and other French resources by our club. Also feel free to visit our website!

Thank you for reading!

Speak Peace! 🙂


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