El rap de la entrada

Here’s an example of how learning and teaching with AIM Language Learning is colliding with my club members’ desires to create and share resources…

This is our new AIM Language Learning entry routine: El rap de la entrada.This is the students 7th week learning Spanish with AIM! AIM stands for the Accelerative Integrative Method. More information about AIM can be found here.

These PTL Club members are in Exploratory Language which means they are also learning French and I see them only every other day. These two club members really learned this hand jive and rap well, don’t you think? They stayed after for a club meeting and wanted to record this hand jive so that others could learn from them. Next year’s students will see this video to learn our entry routine. I will also use this video to show students interested in PTL an example of one type of resource we make during club meetings.

If you’d like to download this video for use off line, please click here.


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