Vowel Raps

Today was our first day working on resources for the vowels in French and Spanish. I always teach and reteach the alphabet with special emphasis on the vowels. I find this really helps my students pronunciation! We have several songs we use for the alphabet and one we use for the vowels, however, we wanted to create a club “original.” Today was just the first of more versions to come. We are hoping to ask our graffiti artist to make a letter “Y” for us so we can add that to a new French version soon! Check out the great graffiti art and below that you will find links to the raps from today!






Click on the title to see what we made at today’s meeting:

Spanish Vowels Rap

French Vowels Rap

They thought it’d be fun to say “word” at the end…therefore you will hear “palabra” and “mot” at the end of both! 😉


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