Trending = Exciting!!!

Something different and exciting happened to the Peace through Language Club this week. After Tuesday’s meeting we were able to upload two new video resources. We came up with our first versions of a French Vowels Rap and a Spanish Vowels Rap. Our plan was to share these first drafts with educators for feedback and then work on new versions next week. We were delighted to see that our blog post about the raps received international attention:

WordPress global views

Even more surprising and exciting for us was to see the Spanish version get over 6,500 views in under 24 hours! Something like that had never happened before! Imagine our delight when we went on SchoolTube’s homepage and found that our resource was trending:

Trending on ST


Now we are out to solve this mystery! The amount of views on our blog does not match the number of views of the video on SchoolTube. If you think you had a hand in this excitement for our club, please reply to this blog. We would like to thank you for giving us the motivation to keep working on creating resources for the world! This event has really given the club a positive vibe that we will never forget and we are truly grateful!

Have a peaceful day!


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