Haitian Butterfly

This is the project that keeps on giving! It is perfect for learning the prepositions. Thanks to an inspirational friend of the club, Sylvia Duckworth, we added a music track to our Haitian Butterfly video. This resource is available in English, French, and Spanish.


I have already blogged about this project. You can read more about the first French version of this project in this blog post. Read more about the first English version here.


The new version has an instrumental track created by the club’s musician, Erica. She is in tenth grade and plays six instruments.

To view these videos on SchoolTube, click on your language of choice below:




To download the video files, click on the language you’d like to access below:




As always, comments and feedback are very welcome. The Peace through Language club members love hearing from you and knowing that the resources are being used. They especially like knowing where in the world you are from! We’d love to hear from you!



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