Drawing Julia

We are so excited to announce that we now have a club illustrator! Her name is Julia, she is a ninth grade student and she LOVES to draw! Last Wednesday we had our first meeting where we sat down and looked at her favorite things to draw. She had wonderful manga-style people, is an expert at cartoon eyes and has created several fictional creatures including a sea creature, a deer-like and a wolf-like animal. She also has created her own entourage of cartoon characters of all the lead females in Harry Potter!

photo (3)We decided to use two of her original characters for our project. So the characters below will be the focus of our upcoming digital story. The plan is to have some sort of conflict between the animals, but they resolve the issue and live happily ever after. We’d like the story to teach about good actions and character traits that help make the world a more peaceful place. We are currently recruiting creative writers to help us think up a good story for these two creatures:

photo (1)In the meantime, Julia is working on creating a fantasy forest with funky plant life where these two creatures could coexist. I cannot wait to see what she has to show us on Wednesday!!!


If you have any ideas for our story that you’d like to give us, please contact me directly at amisiano1@gmail.com

Thank you! Merci! ¡Gracias!





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