Creative Cayla

Last week, the club gained an illustrator. You can read more about “Drawing Julia” by reading this blog post. This week, we gained another new member. Her name is Cayla and she is a creative writer! We met today and discussed Julia’s original creatures that we had chosen for our story. Julia showed us her updated version of the wolf-like creature:

photo (4)A seventh grade club member, Natalie, came up with an idea of a storyline for the wolf and deer-like creatures. Natalie also added a couple other animals, and Julia chose to use the snake since she felt that was the most unique choice. We discussed Natalie’s idea and Cayla typed up an outline to use as reference. It goes something like this:

Deer creature: Jack
Wolf creature: Freddie
Snake: Zeke

(Julia really liked how Natalie and given the creatures human-like names instead names like “Fang”)

• Wolf lost his pack
• Snake and deer think the wolf is going to hurt/eat them
• They talk to wolf- find out that he needs help finding his pack
• Slow forming friendship


This may change as Cayla goes through the creative process, but this is a good starting point for sure! The story will be in English but we hope to eventually create French and Spanish versions as well…kind of like how we did for our Haitian Butterfly project that started in French and is now also available in Spanish and English.

The highlight of the meeting was that Julia had worked up the forest where the creatures reside. I cannot explain the excitement and joy that I had upon viewing this whimsical world:

photo (5)


It comes complete with embedded gem stones and a circular tree! I also noted that the tree to the right has circular markings that mimic the deer-creature’s design. Julia hadn’t thought of that. Check it out:

photo (1)

We briefly discussed how possibly in the future, we may be able to incorporate technology to polish up the drawings for the illustrations. Julia seemed interested in the possibility of using a drawing tablet. It is something that she had considered asking for as a gift for her birthday. We will have to wait and see where this creative adventure may take us!!!

Julia was asking about how we’d be able to work over summer. We decided that our Edmodo group would be the best way to continue our summer work. Looks like I may want to update my Edmodo blog this summer!

Next week we will meet again and see how the story is coming along. Both girls said something to the effect of “This is going to be fun.” When we mentioned how the original plan was to make this a very short story for the youngest of learners, Cayla stated “I may get too carried away!” We will have to see! This story may be more appropriate for slightly older kids. No matter what, this is a very exciting turn of events for the Peace through Language Club! We are very excited about this project and the infinite possibilities the future holds for promoting peace through storytelling!




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