Spanish Cognates

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Our newest video creation is on Spanish Cognates. View the video by clicking here. The first step to this video project was a book stations activity in class. The students rotated through six stations full of children’s books in Spanish. They wrote down as many cognates as they could find in each four-minute station. At the end of class, students shared their favorite cognates by spelling them aloud in Spanish for a scribe to write out on the smart board.

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The following class the students had a substitute teacher. They were asked to take out their cognate paper from the book stations and to create a drawing to represent their favorite Spanish-English cognates. The Peace through Language Club chose the most creative drawings, took pictures of them, then met to record their voices on iMovie.

Click here to download the Spanish Cognates video.

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We are thinking that we can improve upon this project in future years. First of all, it may make more sense to include definite and/or indefinite articles. Second of all, it’d be fun to have students write a complete sentence about the picture using the cognate word in a meaningful context. Any other ideas to improve this project? Send us an email at



3 thoughts on “Spanish Cognates

    • The activity was with 7th graders in Exploratory Language class. It is their first year learning a language and we usually do this activity in both French and Spanish. It is a good activity to do in the very beginning! The seventh graders reminisced about the some of the books they recognized from their childhood and always enjoy the stations. Cognates are a wonderful thing! 🙂

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